Everyday English


Everyday English

English classes for all nationalities and cultures!

One of the ways St Swithun’s seeks to serve the community is by offering English classes for people from non-English speaking backgrounds. Our ‘Everyday English’ programme is open to anyone who wants to learn and practise the sort of English we use every day.

Everyone is welcome to join us – no matter how much or how little English you know. We run four groups based on skill level. The beginners group is ideal for people with little or no knowledge of English and learns simple but very important words and sentences like “hello, how are you?” The most advanced group is ideal for people who are already able to hold a good conversation in English but who want to improve their vocabulary and skill by discussing more complex everyday subjects with native English speakers.

Our students come from different parts of Asia and Europe and have different levels of ability in English. However, Everyday English is not all about language learning! Our classes are very warm and relaxed and our rooms are often filled with fun and laughter. Students look forward to the morning tea break when they enjoy a ‘cuppa’ and the beautiful home baking supplied by our wonderful team of volunteer tea ladies. So if you are finding it difficult to get to know people outside of your immediate family, here’s a great opportunity to make friends with local people.

Our team of dedicated teachers and helpers are keen to share the good news about Jesus. As a weekly comprehension exercise, all classes read and, if able, comment in English on a few verses from the Bible. After classes are over each week, students can choose to stay on for another 30 minutes or so to study a passage from the Bible in greater depth.

Classes are held during term time from 9:30am to 11:30am in the PACE Centre (Pymble Anglican Christian Education Centre) at 4a Merrivale Road. You can enrol at the beginning of any class. Unfortunately, child minding is not currently available.

If you’d like to know more or organise your first visit, please contact the church office.