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Children's Ministries

Children up to 10 years of age Sunday @ 10.30 am

SwizKids @ 10.30

A fun and engaging program for our young people to grow in their faith

Our SwizKidz@10.30 provides games, activities, and Bible learning for the children of families at the 10.30am Family Service in a fun and engaging way so that our children will grow in their faith in Jesus. We follow the church service sermon series in our Bible time so that parents and children can continue the discussion together during the week. Children build trust and relationships in small groups organised according to their age and stage.


Available to families whenever a service is held

Our Creche rooms in the Church building and in the PACE Centre are available to families every time a service is held. Parents with young children and babies can use the room and listen to the Service. There is a variety of toys and activities suitable for children aged from birth to around school-age; however, all children are welcome. Parents are responsible for the supervision of children in the Creche rooms. Both rooms have change tables nearby and are air-conditioned.