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The death of a loved family member or friend is always a time of real sadness and grief, no matter how young or old the person was.

A Christian funeral is an opportunity to gather family and friends to remember the person’s life, to thank God for him or her, to be reminded of God’s wonderful promise of eternal life for us, and to find comfort at a difficult time.

The Bible shows us that God is Love and our supreme Comforter. At St Swithun’s, we want to express God’s comfort and his love to you in your grief and loss and also to provide an appropriate Christian service at our church or other place.

Sometimes people will choose a funeral service at church prior to the cremation or burial. Others prefer a memorial service after the cremation or burial. Those closest to the person who died will know that person’s wishes and can make the right decision. Our Ministry Team is here to help you and guide you as you plan the service. As a church family who have experienced our own griefs and loss, we want to look after you before and after the funeral in every way possible.

Please call us on 94887377 to talk with our staff to arrange a funeral or memorial service.