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Why are you so afraid?

Fears and phobias are prevalent in our world. Fear is a natural emotion that protects us from harm when we face danger. If something is truly frightening, or there is a clear and present danger, fear is a rational, reasonable response. When we speak of phobias we generally mean an excessive fear or anxiety that are out of proportion to the actual danger they present. Some people have strange fears; coulrophobia – fear of clowns, hylophobia- fear of trees, omphalophobia- fear of the navel. I am concerned that I am becoming nomophobic- fear of being without mobile phone coverage. We fear different things. Some rationally and some irrationally.


Mark 4 reminds us of the connection between fear and faith and shows us another key aspect of Jesus’ identity. This account of Jesus’ disciples truly frightening experience in a small boat, at night, in a raging storm, allows us to see that Jesus is Lord, the One who has power even over nature. With just a word He calms the raging seas. And asks the disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” We are to see the connection between correctly identifying who Jesus is and not being afraid. If we know who Jesus is, and He knows us, need we have fear? Even if the storms of life are raging around us? Jesus reminds us; Faith is the antidote to fear. With faith in Jesus we can rationally face our greatest fears, knowing that He is sovereign.