Greeting Each Other in Person


No longer necessary for any services


Check-in by QR code is required at all services, though you will not need to display your vaccination status.  If you don’t have a QR-enabled smartphone, you can still register on a paper form.


Mask wearing is essential for all indoor services and advisable should any services be held outdoors. 


Under Government and Diocese rulings, people who have not been vaccinated are allowed to attend churches – more freedom for religion than for many other activities in society.    If you are not vaccinated and wish to attend, you are of course welcome.   We do ask, though, that you prayerfully consider your own safety and that of your fellow congregants before doing so, especially at the 9.00am service where many regular congregants are more vulnerable.


Regulations require that places of worship be well-ventilated.   To this end, windows on both sides of the Church, as well as the main door, will be open during services there.   Similarly, the doors to the Hall and the windows and door of the Hall Kitchen will be open during Family and Night Church when these are held indoors.   As spring and summer weather is rather variable, you may wish to bring warmer clothing when necessary.


Congregational singing is now permitted, with masks to be worn.

Morning tea

Morning tea service is gradually resuming and you can at least be sure of a cup of tea or coffee and a warm welcome.

Again, please be tolerant and patient – we are doing all we can to make this a smooth return to meeting live and to minimise the inevitable lapse and error.  We are also attempting to make sense of occasional inconsistencies in the rules which we are bound to obey. As regulations change, we’ll attempt to issue updates as early as possible.

Your Wardens