Our stories – Sheila



After 44 happy years of married life, this will be Sheila’s first Christmas without her beloved Alan. Her response to that potential trauma is, “We had 8 bonus years!” Eight years ago Alan was diagnosed with “inoperable” prostate cancer. A second specialist, Professor Henry Woo not only operated successfully but also arranged for Alan to be the first Aussie accepted for drug trials on three occasions.

Since childhood Sheila has been confident in God’s plans for her life. She was born in Hong Kong and in 1940 she was one of thousands of women and children evacuated to Australia. In 1945 they were repatriated on a troop ship to the UK, where Sheila was left in a boarding school. In 1948 she embarked on a Sunderland flying boat with the first load of children rejoining their parents. There were five overnight stops to Hong Kong! Three years later, she flew to school in Sydney, this time on a Qantas flight. The Braga family later settled in Australia.

Sheila has found that in every circumstance she can trust in God – even in grief.