Making a bequest



Why not leave a legacy that contributes to the mission and vision of St Swithun’s many years after your lifetime?

It’s fairly simple to make a bequest, the easiest way being to attach a codicil (an addendum) to your existing will. Alternatively, you can modify your existing will.

You can choose how you structure your bequest. For example, you can specify an amount of money, an asset e.g. a property or shares, a percentage (small or large) of an asset or a combination of any of these. You can also choose how your bequest should be used. For example, you might like to nominate youth and children’s work, mission work or music (e.g. choral, organ, organ scholarships) and any combination of them. However, giving the church office bearers freedom to decide how to allocate funds will enable them to best meet changing needs over time.

Different funds are available to help you direct your bequest to the purposes you wish:

St Swithun’s Anglican Church Pymble

ABN 92 667 938 761

Includes all normal running costs of the Church. A bequest can identify specific ministries or items.
St Swithun’s Christian Education Fund

ABN 92 667 938 761

Specifically for building costs and maintenance connected with the “school” including Sunday School and Youth group. Gifts are tax-deductible.
Swiz Cultural Foundation

ABN 84 952 826 973

This is a trust to promote music and the arts. Gifts are tax-deductible.
St Swithun’s Anglican Church Pymble Perpetual Trust

ABN 66 469 310 121

For maintenance, replacement, restoration, variation or addition to the church and associated buildings. The Anglican Church Property Trust of the diocese is the trustee. A special vestry meeting must support an application to spend assets.

Whatever you decide, we recommend you seek professional legal and financial advice when changing your will. This will help ensure that it continues to provide for your family and other beneficiaries, that it is valid and that is easy to execute. To rule out the possibility of any surprises, you may also want to talk matters through with your loved ones.

If you would like to know more, please contact our Office Manager on (02) 9488 7377 or email